Corfu Island: Best Places to Buy

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Located off Greece’s northwest coast, Corfu is a stunning island renowned for its rugged mountains, whitewashed houses, and ancient streets. One of the greenest and most fertile of all the Greek islands, Corfu oozes an authentic natural beauty that you won’t find in many other places.

The island is brimming with old monuments, breathtaking architecture and picturesque villages, all coming together to create a unique charm that has been appealing to visitors for many years. Foreign visitors first arrived in Corfu as early as 1900 and by 1950, Corfu had firmly established itself as a favourite holiday destination.

Today, still as well-loved as ever by tourists, Corfu is also popular with both second homeowners and expats choosing to permanently relocate to the island. There are currently between 6,000-7,000 Brits living here permanently and with so much on offer, it’s easy to see why.

The main tourist hubs are incredibly diverse and there really is a piece of Corfu for everyone. The picturesque mountain villages are quiet and peaceful and will take you back to yesteryear as it appears time has stood still. The large seaside resorts attract a younger audience looking for budget accommodation, bustling nightlife and plenty of happy hours. Whilst for those seeking a happy medium, the more low key resorts place an emphasis on environmental beauty and are home to some truly stunning beaches and magnificent natural surroundings.

Whatever your preferred location within Corfu, you can be confident in your choice as the tourist infrastructure is among the best in Greece.

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Barbati Corfu Villa
Villa in Stunning Barbati on the spectacular north east coast of Corfu

The North East Coast

The north-east coast around the Kalami area is fondly referred to as Kensington-on-Sea as this charming resort is particularly popular amongst wealthy London homeowners. Famous holidaymakers who love to enjoy this tranquil beauty spot include Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry as well as former British Prime Minister David Cameron. A typical Greek village, Kalami offers residents and visitors an unrivalled sense of calm, tranquility and romance. The destination of choice for anyone seeking a quiet and simple life.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town itself – known as Kerkyra in Greek – is the largest town on the island and there is an undeniable Italian influence. Properties are finished in a typically Venetian style and are often olive green in colour. You certainly won’t find any of the square, whitewashed buildings with blue shutters that are so synonymous with life in Greece.

The West Coast

The west coast boasts some of the island’s most impressive scenery and glorious beaches. Agios Georgios is a sweeping sand and shingle bay with crystal clear waters that never gets too busy, even in the high season. This is a particularly popular choice for young families. Another favourite west coast resort is trendy Glyfada, the locals choice. There are plenty of facilities here including bars and restaurants and the best time to come is early evening so you can enjoy the spectacular sunset.

South of the Island

The south is home to the livelier resorts like Kavos, and should certainly be avoided if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing Corfu experience. That being said, there are also some lovely little fishing villages on the south coast, such as Petriti and Boukari and the new marina at Benitses is also worth a visit.

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International Marina, Gouvia, Corfu Town
Sea front villa in the vibrant International Marina at Gouvia, close to Corfu Town.

Corfu Property

In terms of real estate, as you would expect Corfu property prices are cheaper inland. As a general rule, Greeks prefer to live either in the main towns and villages or by the sea, leaving a huge selection of rural buildings, some more habitable than others, ripe for renovation by the savvy investor. If being close to the sea is important to you, the wonderful thing about Corfu is that it is such a narrow island, you are rarely more than a short drive from its fine, sandy shores.

Another of Corfu’s biggest appeals is that the quality of life here is very high. The Greek way of life is very family-orientated in both urban and rural communities alike, and the homeownership rate, which is more than 80%, is among the highest in Europe.

Corfu property is an established market which has enjoyed a constant and uninterrupted upward trend over the past 30 years. Annual capital growth across the board is at an estimated 10%, more in some areas, and what sets Corfu property apart from other Mediterranean destinations is that has neither relied on, nor was it created for, foreign investment.

Local buyers of Corfu property outnumber foreign buyers by 10:1 which means that Corfu’s property prices are in fact shaped by the Greek buyers. This is very significant as unlike other Mediterranean property markets where international real estate interest has pushed prices too high, here locals can still afford to buy property.

Explore this wonderful Greek island in greater detail and view our current selection of Corfu property.

Please follow this link to search for property for sale in Corfu from the Prestige Property Group.

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