French chateau for sale.

How to achieve French Mediterranean interior design

If you’ve secured a French chateau for sale, the next step is to consider how you will decorate your new place. The sun-kissed countryside close to the Mediterranean Sea is home to many breath-taking properties whose interior design, grouped under the term Mediterranean style, takes inspiration from many countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Morocco. Whilst French Mediterranean is not a defined style in itself, it is recognisable by its mix of French country and French provincial styles, along with influences of the modern French Riviera homes, and the exotic stylings of the Moroccan and Middle Eastern design.

Colour Theme

When designing your home with a French Mediterranean theme, you must encapsulate the quintessential French style. For the walls, mimic the appearance of aged plaster. These textured walls should be painted in pale beige, mustard yellow, amber, burnt orange, olive green, terra cotta or in warm sandy tones. These earthy tones create an instantly warm and inviting atmosphere distinctive of this style of decorating. If you want to add vibrancy, you can add a bright accent colour such as cobalt blue, poppy red or golden yellow- only if it matches with the earthy tones you have selected.


For the furniture, look to buy either heavy and large ‘Old World’ pieces that boast detailed engravings and rich, dark finishes or to lighter, but rustic, wood furniture that have been naturally weathered; the pieces you choose will be dependent on the colour themes you have selected for the room, as this will ensure the room comes together as a whole. If you want to incorporate more of the design common to French Country homes, buy or create shabby chic style furniture to bring a lighter feel to the room.


The textiles used in your interior design are key to create an authentically French design. If your home is by the coast, make sure to incorporate blue into the textiles used within your home. Stereotypical French textiles include the blue-and-white pinstripes that can be found on furniture, upholstery and pillows. Whilst in the country homes, look to design your new place with farm animals- such as roosters, to create the country feel. Look to include some softer, floral and botanical patterns in the bedrooms and bathrooms to give a quintessentially French and feminine feel to the rooms.


Incorporate display cupboards for your pretty cutlery and pottery in the dining room and kitchen. If your new home is nestled within the French countryside, add in some farm animal statues or door stops to further the rustic charm. Or look to add in a typically Mediterranean feel with oversized terra-cotta planters or vases filled with greenery, like lemon trees. Moroccan tiles, featured in the kitchens and bathrooms can add a decorative accent that makes your home feel like a true Mediterranean paradise.

To help you design each room of your dream house, look through interior design images to establish which features you like and which you do not; this will allow you to make a thorough design plan. By following this process you can imagine what each room will look like before you begin, which will allow you to avoid buying any unnecessary items or changing your mind halfway through the design process.

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