About Prestige Property Group

Prestige Property Group sells homes and properties to people throughout the world. We comprise a truly select network of over 120 offices in 8 countries and are a key player in super high-end markets including:

  • Monaco
  • French Riviera
  • Tuscany
  • Ibiza
  • Mallorca
  • Portugal Golden Triangle
  • Urban areas including Paris and Barcelona

We are also expert in niche markets including French chateaux and boutique hotels, and have a large selection of super prime property.

Our website currently lists around 20,000 properties of which around 8,000 are priced above 1,000,000 EUR.

Our clientele are truly international. Although UK-headquartered, 68 per cent of clients in 2017 were from other countries including the Middle East, Russia, China, U.S. and Switzerland.

Website Statistics

  • Total properties online c. 20,000
  • Total property views May 2017 - May 2018: 9.8 million
  • Website online since 1996

Vision and strategy

Prestige Property Group aims to be the advisor of choice within the markets we operate. We always aim to put the customer first and understand that our success is only measured by the success of meeting our clients' needs. As such, we treat every client as a unique individual with unique needs and do our best to meet these needs.

We take pride in delivering a service of the highest quality and always go the extra mile.

We always act with integrity and honesty. Respect and ethical behaviour come top, and all communication is in the strictest confidence.

We continue to look for new markets, contacts and opportunities that can benefit our treasured customers, committing to our partners with full energy and passion with a determination to succeed.

We aim to be transparent in our dealings with all of our contacts, be they buyers, sellers, partner agents, our staff and professional contacts.


You can find our Privacy Policy here, to see what data we collect, why we need it, and how we use it.

Opt Out / Closing Your PPG Account

We understand that you may wish to discontinue or close either your Account or your record at the PPG offices (if you have submitted information to us in the past) for whatever reason. To request closure, please use the Enquiry form via the Contact Us link.

Cookies and Data Gathering

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