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French property sales continue to grow in 2017

The French property market is forecasted to continue growing throughout 2017, as agents are brushing off headlines about Brexit and the impact upon British demand.

As of June last year, the UK decided to leave the European Union. This has been the talking point of the property industry for many months and will continue to be the point of debate for months to come. This year, France will follow with its own major vote in the general election which will take place after elections in Germany and Holland, making 2017 one of equally notable political shifts.

Nonetheless, France’s appealing lifestyle remains strong, making estate agents confident about the attractiveness of real estate.
“We expect the French property market to continue growing – both in number of sales and in average house prices. The Notaires de France forecast rises of 2 to 3 per cent and this seems a sensible prediction.” Say Leggett Immobiliser.

“Currency fluctuations have more effect on sales than economic or political conditions,” admit Leggett. However, the agency warns investors not to believe some of the dramatic headlines about the Brexit effect.

“Demand from the UK was as strong as ever in the first six months of the year,” explains the firm. “Since June 23rd we have seen a reduction in enquiries of 19 per cent but an increase in the ‘seriousness’ of these clients. Sales to British buyers dropped slightly in the second half of the year, but nothing too significant and British buyers still see French property prices as being incredibly attractive.”

It has been said that many UK residents will be looking to invest in property in Europe before they officially leave the European Union. There has also been a rise in property enquiries throughout Paris and the French Alps.

One of the impacts of Brexit is that the type of buyer looking for French property has altered slightly, with holiday homes becoming more popular and the number of retirement property sales declining.

Whilst the market’s performance will vary from region to region, owners are crucially said to be more flexible, which means that buyers have the opportunity to negotiate prices with sellers keen to close a deal.
As said above, many UK residents are looking to escape the claws of Brexit and starting to invest in property abroad. Whether they are looking for a luxury property for sale in France or Italy, investors and residents are looking to cash in on Brexit.

Furthermore, the French property market should continue to soar as the rest of Europe are seeing benefits from the Brexit in this forthcoming year.

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