The Best Outdoor Activities Around the World

When on holiday or visiting another country, many of us want to find that sense of adventure. Throughout the world, there are numerous activities which can give you that adrenaline rush you are seeking. From sky-diving to skiing and cycling, there is an array of fantastic outdoor activities perfectly suited to your ability and taste. Of course, not everyone will want to skydive, but even a brisk walk through a mountain range can satisfy your love for the outdoors. Below, we have listed some of our favourite activities which can be found throughout the world.

Scuba diving in The Algarve

- Scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea

The Algarve is known for being one the best diving spots in Europe, due to incredible fauna and outstanding rock formations. Because of the great climate which the Algarve has, there are perfect conditions all year round for diving. Between the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the diverse sea life of the Atlantic, you can be guided, or those who are more experienced can embark on their own adventure.

Cycling in France

Bicycle in France

Throughout France, there are several beautiful cycling trails that will take you through vineyards, mountains and traditional towns. With France being known as a cyclist’s paradise, it can be the perfect location to see the landscape from a different perspective.

Leaving mountain regions, try and target a corner of France for a meandering tour, sampling and savouring the treats of country life at a slow pace; vineyard tastings, battlefields, châteaux and cathedrals can all be seen.

Hiking in Marbella

Activities in Europe

Image credit: ^ozo^ under Creative Commons

La Concha mountain rises to more than 1,200 metres over the Costa Del Sol. The peak is a characteristic mountain which appeals to avid ramblers and casual walkers alike. This huge block of limestone is the first one of an interesting group of ‘sierras’ which extends from the Mediterranean Sea towards the central lands of Andalucía.

Upon summiting this mountain, you will be met with some incredible views, and on a clear day, Gibraltar/North Africa can be seen.

There are two main routes up the mountain, the first being from Istan. This trail is shorter in length, but the path is more demanding than the second route, which begins from the El Refugio de Juanar.

Vineyard experience in Tuscany

Vineyard in Tuscany

Italy and wine make the perfect pair, and Tuscany is the perfect location to explore the wine culture. This region provides several wonderful opportunities to discover why the wine is so good here, through wine and cellar tours, cooking lessons and wine tastings, but perhaps one of our favourites would be to visit a traditional vineyard; maybe not sounding as adventurous as hiking, but this is a true Tuscan experience.

Walk through a vineyard and learn about the processing of wine in Tuscany, and maybe more importantly, getting to sample it at the end of the tour.

Skiing in France

For those truly seeking adventure, what other place could be as perfect than the slopes of Mont Blanc? With Mont Blanc being the highest mountain in Western Europe, it is the ideal location for beginners and those more experienced skiers to really enjoy this sport. Either hire a private guide or head to slopes on your own; we think it is the perfect place to enjoy a spot of skiing.

Whether you love to indulge in a fine glass of wine near our Tuscany property for sale or prefer a challenging hike up a mountain, we are sure that you find the perfect outdoor activity to suit you. Here at Prestige Property Group, we strive in assisting you in finding your perfect property, so get in touch today.


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