Restaurants overlooking Lake Annecy, France

Discover Lake Annecy and immerse yourself in a true French wonder

Located close to Europe’s cleanest, and France’s third largest lake, our Lake Annecy property for sale, offers something unique and exclusive for those looking to realise the wonder of true, natural French beauty in its purest form. The majestic lake itself is sourced from mountain streams, as well as from a deep spring at the Annecy end of the lake. The mesmerising colours of the gentle waters are enough to entice anyone to fall in love, but for those looking for a little more, you can find out what awaits from the information we have for you.

Seeing Lake Annecy

The fresh clean water of Lake Annecy and the surrounding scenery is home to activities all year round and understandably attracts many visitors.

If you are visiting to view property, you might want to experience one of the tours of the lake and its villages, which are available from the Annecy end of the lake. You can join groups on large ferries that also include a meal, or you can opt for a smaller tour on one of the small wooden motor boats. If you’re fortunate enough, you may well get the chance to take the helm and steer the boat yourself for a while! Either way, both options give you the feel of luxury as you set eyes on this beautiful area of France.

Towns and Villages around Lake Annecy

Away from the lake itself, you may want to take some time to visit the surrounding areas.

Menthon St Bernard has its very own castle, which is still owned by the Menthon family to this day but is open to visitors who want to visit during the summer months, and with the views on offer here of the lake and mountains, we would advise paying a trip. The village also boasts a quaint port, where you can take a dip and enjoy a swim for free. Alternatively, you can visit the local beach and do the same.

Veyrier du Lac is a small place with a beachfront occupied predominantly by residential dwellings apart from the port. The area around Veyrier du Lac offers up some splendid walks that head towards the mountains. If you find yourself getting peckish, head on down to La Maisons de Mark Veyrat, a 3-star Michelin restaurant, or you can choose to enjoy the cuisine in one of the many others the village has to offer.

Talloires is a slightly further trip along the lake away from Annecy but is well worth your time. The area serves up a wealth of local shops, as well as a charming port and beachfront views that are not to be missed. If you go to the port, you will find it’s contained in a small cove with a handful of restaurants and hotels that boast views overlooking the water. In the quieter months, you can enjoy the walk towards the northerly end of the port, heading out towards the cliffs, this is a lovely romantic stroll for visitors looking to enjoy some precious time together in another of France’s hidden gems.

Villages on the west side lake are the ones to visit if you want to go cycling, walking or even rollerblading, which is rather popular for locals! The dedicated track is wide and perfectly safe to use away from any other traffic and continues towards Albertville. There’s also a plethora of dedicated fishing spots around the lake if you wanted to wet the line.

The seasons at Lake Annecy

 A bird’s eye view of Lake Annecy property for sale

The majority of those who venture out onto the lake will only do so in the summertime, as this is when the temperatures in the lake reach the mid- to high-twenties, at its warmest.

The summer months see a hive of activity on the lake, including swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, and diving as the most popular hobbies. Sadly, we can’t express how spectacular this is until you have actually seen it for yourself, and even in the colder months, the vistas are second to none, for the keen photographers looking to capture breathtaking images.

Does Lake Annecy sound like a destination you could find yourself immersing in? Why not contact us today and find out more?

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