Cannes, overlooking the harbour at night with fireworks near Prestige Property

Explore Cannes as you’ve never seen it!

Our luxury property in Cannes, located on the breath-taking Cote d’Azur is unsurprisingly one of the most highly-sought after locations. The city, lying on the French Riviera is a picture of perfection that offers so much to so many without compromise.

Most people associate the location with the famous and prestigious Cannes Film Festival, but Cannes is far from a one trick pony, in fact Cannes is anything but. Positively abuzz all year round, this dazzling city has a strong appeal for wealthy tourists who enjoy partaking in luxury shopping. Visit the Rue d’Antibes, the most famous shopping street, and you’ll be met with all the world-renowned major brands. If you are looking to own a property here you can make your life here as lavish as you like, but you can also still have a comfortable life and still enjoy what Cannes has to offer. Here are some fascinating facts, along with some informative information about Cannes for you to indulge in.

Cannes history

During the 2nd century BC a fishing village, situated on the Mediterranean Sea, was established and given the name Aegitna. The purpose of this village was to function as a guard port to the Lerins Islands. Fast-forward eight centuries to the 10th century the now city became known as Cannua, with the name originating from the local reeds in the swamp (Canne). This is where, after years of development, where the small Ligurian port, with its tower that overlooked the swamp, would later become the city of Cannes.

891 onwards saw Monks settle here and build a castle as part of the first development of the famous city of Cannes we know and love today.

Style of international acclaim

Cannes began its rich history of attracting notable figures in the mid-1800s when all of English nobility would visit the French Riviera, with Lord Brougham being the first to do so.

Following the popularity of this small fishing village, Cannes began to thrive, becoming a hub of wealth and nobility.

Cannes, overlooking the harbour at night with fireworks near Prestige Property

Film Festival

The first ever Cannes Film Festival was launched right before Second World War II, in 1939, so wasn’t the success the organisers were looking for, understandably. However, seven years later, in 1946, festival was given a rebirth, and the 1950s were very much a decisive period in terms of for the long-term success of the festival. Massive stars of the movie world helped make this possible, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Cary Grant, Romy Schneider, and Kirk Douglas all heading to Cannes and subsequently assisting in its monumental status that remains to this day.

Not just the Film Festival

It’s not just the Film Festival that occurs here in Cannes. While it does overshadow most things, there are other notable festivals for locals and tourists to enjoy. One such event is the Cannes Fireworks Festival.

Taking place on the golden sandy beaches during the summer months, locals enjoy gathering, complete with wine and nibbles sand, patiently waiting for what is known as the ‘moment supreme’. This is when the daylight fades away, paving the way for the perfect backdrop for what is about to come. The dark night’s sky arrives and so does the official announcer who unveils the annual event before music gets underway and the visual magnificence that are the Cannes fireworks are set off from sea. Unmissable to say the very least!

The beautiful beaches

The Côte d’Azur has the appeal of offering beaches to suit all preferences. So whether you are looking for a pebble beach or one made up of golden-white sands, there is one on offer for you.

Cannes boasts 15 kilometres of coastline, although this does include the Lerins islands. On the mainland lies some 7.5 kilometres of spectacular, sloping sandy beaches, many of which come complete with alluring restaurants whose appeal is certainly aided by their glorious locations. As you’d expect, the food in these restaurants is rather divine too! There are a total of 13 public beaches altogether, as well as two town beaches, as well as an additional 33 private beaches. Pick one of the private beaches to enjoy some relaxation time and rent out a deck chair in your favourite spot! Furthermore, if you are planning on becoming one of the locals then you can always head to the ‘secret’ spot whereby you can hire sunbeds and parasols for a very low fee when you visit Plage Zamenhoff or Plage Macé.

You can’t head back to your beautiful new home just yet, not until you the sensational local local cuisine that is on offer at Gazagnaire Plage, Plage Porto Canto, Plage Croisette Boulevard and the Plage du Midi which passes into the beaches of Mandelieu has passed your lips!

Food and drink in Cannes plays a remarkable part in the traditional (and modern) culture and daily life. Experiencing the freshly caught seafood to the plethora of succulent and flavoursome fruit and vegetables that are also locally sourced are simply not to be missed. The cuisine alone is a major alluring factor, which is hardly unexpected given the Mediterranean region’s vast array of healthy, flavoursome and colourful cuisine. So, whether you are looking to do a little home cooking, or you are dining out, the traditional dishes, paired with divine wines, are a reason to relocate in themselves!

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