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American study highlights the Algarve as the best overseas destination to retire

An American-based study found last year that Portugal’s sun-kissed haven of the Algarve was the best place in the world to retire.

The conclusion was made by the Live and Invest Overseas Index, an online service that offers some of the best and most trustworthy advice for individuals looking to invest in overseas property. Specialists carefully constructed the list by assessing the most popular retirement destinations from around the world, with 12 criteria points in mind. These included the sense of community amongst expats, taxes, health care and the entertainment available. It was compiled after months of intensive research, with contributions and advice from expats, experts and correspondents. It is believed that the 2016 Index is the most comprehensive study of country-by-country comparisons ever produced.

The Algarve just pipped Malta’s Valetta and Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta to the post. The research consists of an impressive 211 pages, compiling findings from the health care to how good the beaches are. It was concluded that the Algarve simply has something for everyone.

The Algarve boasts glorious weather, with year-round sunshine, in addition to a well-established and welcoming expat community – who will make the transition to a new culture a lot easier. Because of a strong British presence in the Algarve, a lot of the locals will speak very good English, which should help those concerned about learning a new language.

In addition, the Algarve has excellent medical facilities and a first class health care system. Health care, of course, can be of particular concern to retirees when considering relocating overseas.  Algarve ranks as one of the best, alongside France, which makes the Algarve appealing to many retirees, especially when you consider the low crime rates and a general feeling of safety.

The Algarve is arguably the entertainment hub of Portugal with endless opportunities for adventure and fun. However, if you’re looking for a slow-paced day head to the golf course or to the glorious beaches, with the Algarve having some of the best courses in Europe and 85 of the region’s beaches being crowned with Blue Flag credits.

Easily accessible from both Europe and America, the Algarve is also the perfect destination for individuals looking for a holiday home. Americans are particularly encouraged to consider the Algarve as a viable option, with the dollar giving you a lot more for your buck on the Algarve coast than at home.

The study comments, “Portugal’s property market remains nicely undervalued, and, again, if you’re shopping with dollars, you’ve got super-charged buying power right now.”

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