An expat looks at the coastal view near her Algarve villa for sale.

Report reveals expatriates live happier, healthier lives abroad

A study has identified that as many as two-thirds of expatriates stated that they feel happier and healthier than they were when living in the UK.

Health insurer Axa PPP International, who conducted and published the research, cited that a majority of expatriates opt to relocate to another country because they are seeking adventure.

Expats feel great due to improved climates

Axa PPP International’s director of psychological services, Dr Winwood explained that expatriates frequently benefit from feeling healthier as a result of living in countries with more desirable climates in comparison to the UK. Also, expatriates are more likely to partake in a more outdoor lifestyle which is also a contributor to improved well-being.

However, he warns expatriates to keep their feet on the ground and take the time to plan their move, rather than becoming carried away in the excitement of living somewhere new.

Preparation is essential

As with most things, it is vital to prepare for a move abroad.

Winwood stated: “Make sure you do your research and carefully consider where you want to live – not just the country but the location too.

“Think about how connected you are to main transport, how close are local amenities and schools, how will you access healthcare and are their social or expat groups you can join to meet new people?…”

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