Paris apartments for sale near the Eiffel Tower.

Why Paris is the perfect place for a holiday home

With so many countries to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options for which location would make an ideal setting for your holiday home. It is therefore advised to conduct thorough research into the property market, the towns and villages of your favourite countries and their lifestyle to decipher which would be the best choice to suit you and your family. Specialist teams, such as Prestige Property Group, who deal with international property markets and investors on a frequent basis can offer expert advice that you will never find on the internet. Asking experts about thriving tourist spots and property markets that offer the best value for money can help you pinpoint where your new holiday home should be located and even direct you to options you may not have considered before.

It may be best to begin your search for a holiday home by looking at apartments for sale in Paris. With a multitude of reasons to invest in property in Paris we list a few of the top reasons below:

Attractions of Paris

You will probably desire your second home to be a getaway for you and your partner, and what better place than in the heart of one of the most romantic places on Earth? It is said Paris is where love is ignited, with rich foods, culture and architecture Paris offering you something new and exciting every time you visit.

With so many things to see around every corner, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre you are spoilt for choice in the fabulous city of light. Take a visit to the glamourous resting place of celebrity classics such as Oscar Wilde or put on your glamourous night wear for a night at the classical ballet at Palais Garnier. If stunning architecture fires your passions, head to the stunning castle of Sainte-Chapelle to marvel at the stunning views overhead, or if art takes your fancy, why not head over to see the skill that went into Monet’s water lilies? Whilst food enthusiasts can enjoy one, or more, of the 97 Michelin star restaurants that line the streets of Paris.

Once you have made a point of witnessing all the iconic Parisian attractions, make your way to the hidden parks nestled in amongst the buildings for a little pastoral fix or row a boat along the lakes at the Bois de Boulogne. Once a hunting ground for the great Kings of France, it has now become a key destination for the locals and knowledgeable travellers to relax away from the lights and buzz of the city.

On the streets of Paris, enter the covered markets that offer a range of goods from food to crafted pieces. The St Quentin market boasts Baltard architecture and high, glass ceilings that soak the place with natural light. Other cultural sites include the village of Belville that used to provide Central Paris with all of its wine; now, Belville is the artistic quarter of Paris with a mix of cultures and delicacies awaiting anyone who explores it.

Property market

Paris property has now become somewhat alluring to oversea buyers in 2017, as the market is averagely less expensive than it has been in previous years. The most appealing areas have seen some attractive decreases for people looking to invest in property in France. Investing in Paris apartments can be a fruitful financial investment, because whilst the apartment is empty, you can look at renting it out to holidaymakers who want to escape to Paris for the very same reasons you do! If this is an idea that appeals to you, you will need to look at applying your apartment as a commercial property to avoid any repercussions.

Wide connections

The Charles de Gaulle airport is the main airport for Paris, in addition to being the largest international airport in the whole of France. The airport has a multitude of direct flights to all the main global destinations, making connections easier for frequent visitors.

What makes Paris such a sweeter deal is that it is only a stone’s throw away from the UK, with flights taking just over an hour from London or accessible on the Eurostar; this means it can be the best place for a spontaneous city break for any British investors.

With many great Paris apartments for sale, it may be time to take a trip to Paris to view them and envision your life in the fabulous city.

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