Interview with Mike Braunholtz: CEO of Prestige Property Group

Mike Braunholtz has enjoyed a successful career in the luxury property industry for more than 20 years. With thisexperience in the overseas property business and a background in Economics and internet marketing, Mike is well positioned to run a high profile overseas property company.

Mike Braunholtz, CEO of Prestige Property Group.Prestige Property Group sells luxury properties globally, comprising of 120 offices in eight countries; from seaside villas and hotel complexes to castles for sale, there is a property to suit every individual. A key contender in the luxury property markets of Mallorca, Portugal and the French Riviera, to name a few, Prestige Property Group continues to help thousands find the right property for their requirements.

Simply by speaking with Mike, you can understand how his fascination for the industry has grown over the years, from its progression from paper-based listings to the vast internet marketing the industry receives today. Mike’s dedication to providing outstanding service and his understanding of the market is paramount to ensuring the clientele of Prestige Property Group secure a property that is a perfect match for them.


How long have you been in the business?

Mike: “I started in overseas property in 1996.”

What made you want to get into the property industry?

M: “The reason I got into the property market was because it was one of the first industries/businesses where the internet was emerging at high speed. I wanted to get into the internet, and as a by-product, I selected property listings because it was a fast-growing internet sector and I ended up owning the property business! Now I’m into property, but initially, I got into it because of the internet.”

How did you acquire Prestige Property Group?

M: “I used to work for Prestige Property Group, and then, for one reason or another, I had the opportunity to buy the business from my predecessors. It was quite clear that there was a market for our product; high-end residential was growing at a very high speed. At this point, the online market for European residential was doubling annually. It was (compared to today) really easy to gain significant market-share.”

Are you responsible for putting Prestige Property Group on the internet?

M: “I would say that I was. I was the main drive for taking us from a paper-based business to being online, and I made quite a few big decisions at the beginning –  such as if you didn’t have email or access to the internet, it wouldn’t be possible for you to be our customer. Quite dramatic, but it turned out to be the best thing to do.

At this point, Internet was viewed as another CB radio, as if it was going to come and go, of course, it was obvious that was complete nonsense!”

What makes Prestige Property Group different from their competitors in the luxury property market?

M: “We’ve always felt like we were mavericks taking on slightly old-fashioned incumbent companies that were not adapting to the fast-growth of the market changes that were being driven by the rapid adoption of e-commerce. We became immediately attractive to a niche group of like-minded, young, Internet-savvy agencies which in-turn, I believe led to the fine-tuning of our offer and in the long-term, a better service to our customers.”

What is the favourite thing about your job?

M: “Matching buyers with sellers and all the fun that entails along the way!  Another great thing about Prestige is that I feel we are always trail blazing, we are never following other market leaders because we are always the one trying to figure out the latest methods for online property marketing .”

What is your advice for anyone looking for luxury real estate abroad for the first time?

M: “I think if you’re looking to buy, research the market. Try and narrow down your choices, it is very important to get a tight geographical area. If you’re looking for France, and Spain, and Portugal, you’re going to get lost for years. You need to focus in on the location.”

So, once you’ve focused on the location what are the next steps?

M: “To narrow down by the type of property you want within that location. So, essentially it is just to refine, refine, refine and research. Once you’ve done that, you will probably start to get a short list. We have some clients who are continually looking and looking because they have a long list and there are so many properties so far apart that it can take them forever to make a decision. The problem with having broad criteria is that you keep being sent other opportunities which can put you off what you are doing in the first place. I think it’s also important to pick a good agent, someone who has good experience of the market.”

If you’re looking to invest in properties overseas or want to discuss the property market, get in contact with the Prestige Property Group expert team today, so that we can guide you to the best property for your requirements.

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