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Why France is the Most Romantic Destination

For a long time, France has been renowned as one of the most romantic countries in the world, with Paris often being referred to as the ‘city of love’. France is one of the most visited countries in the world, this idyllic country caters for all looking to celebrate their love and can be the perfect destination to invest in a luxury property so that you can visit time and time again.

Unsurprisingly, Paris is where countless couples flock for a short break or choose to declare their love for this city by purchasing a permanent home. When setting foot in this city, there is no doubt that you will be captivated by the atmosphere, making you want to return whenever you have a spare moment.

Away from the bustling streets, and the typical tourist attractions of the Eiffel Tower and the Jardin du Luxembourg, you will find a world of wonder to indulge in. If you’re after a private natural haven for a peaceful wander with your partner, there are a number of hidden parks for you to visit around Paris- you just have to find them first, which is not too difficult with today’s technology! Hidden parks include the Jardin Natrel, the Jardin Alpin, the Jardin Sauvage Saint Vincent and the Jardin de la Nouvelle France.

Explore the 18th and 19th-century passages dotted around the city, equipt with grand mosaic floors and hosting a number of luxury shops. The Galerie Vivienne is one of the oldest covered passageways in Paris, having been built in 1823. The passageway features many luxury restaurants and stores including a Jean-Paul Gaultier shop. Whilst other notable passages include the Galerie Vero Dodat, erected in 1826, this passage was the first in the city to receive gas lighting in 1830. Nowadays, the passages across Paris are a must-stop destination for those who like to indulge in the finer things in life, with not one, but two Christian Louboutin stores. Those who love to shop will never be disappointed with what this sophisticated location has on offer.

Cannes is also known for being a jewel in the crown of The French Riviera, and offers many a romantic setting, from a gentle stroll under the palm trees to a helicopter flight looking down at the beautiful coastline. The property is in demand in Cannes because it is a popular destination for tourists looking for a luxury weekend getaway. Cannes offers an idyllic location, making it hard to beat when it comes to rental yields. The popular Cannes Film Festival attracts tens of thousands of professionals at regular conventions, all of whom need somewhere to stay whilst visiting.

Whilst many may fall in love with Cannes for its cultural ties to the film industry, its breathtaking scenery and the fact it simply exudes luxury, the hidden gems this picturesque location can offer you, such as secret beach spots in Plage Zamenhoff and Plage Macé, will make you fall deeper in love with this destination – you can read more in our profile of Cannes.

With our expert knowledge of the French property market, we can help you find a holiday villa, permanent home, or investment property, perfectly suited to your needs. The French property market is currently blossoming and for this reason many dream of being able to invest here. When searching for a property in France, many regions entice you with their alluring characteristics. However, this often makes it difficult to decide which part of France to choose.

With Provence being a sought-after location for both tourists and investors, we believe this is a perfect location for a buy-to-let opportunity. For those interested in buy-to-let opportunities, there are a number of French properties on our website that come with additional smaller properties known as gites, which will allow you to receive rental income from tourists but also visit your holiday home whenever you please.

Provence is famous for being a region of luxury and glamour, meaning that holiday rental yields can often become a healthy investment. Besides, Provence is arguably the most irresistible region in France, and there are many beautiful properties, including traditional French Chateaux for sale throughout this location.

In recent years, France has seen an increase from international buyers being tempted to invest in a second home, especially throughout Provence, Côte d’Azur and the Alps. 2015 saw the sales from international buyers increase by 12.5% and it has continued to rise ever since. It seems that the alluring nature of France has enticed investors from all over the globe, especially among Asian and Russian buyers. The French property market is on the up, and we are seeing more holiday home buyers and fewer retiree purchasers. However, despite Brexit, enquiries from British buyers are more serious than ever.

Buying a second home in France has been a popular trend since the 1950’s, and many are attracted by the culture, lifestyle and, of course, the romantic appeal, making France one of the best places to live and invest, as well as visit. If you have the intention of purchasing a home in France, then contact us to discuss what would be the best investment for you, as well as finding a property to suit your needs.

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