Coast near Ibiza property for sale

The Secret of Ibiza’s Unspoilt North

Ibiza has been a popular destination for a number of years, appealing to those in search of sunshine and nightlife. Because of Ibiza’s ‘party’ reputation, many think this island is only for the young, resulting in many people avoiding the destination all together. However, the north coast of this island is the total opposite to its south coast, and this marks it as an incredible hidden gem.

Whilst the north still has a laidback lifestyle, there is also an array of spectacular scenery, from countryside to beaches. Whilst exploring this area, you will notice a diverse range of activities and interests and you will feel a world away from the Ibiza strip.

There are a number of quaint towns and villages which can be found in and around the north coast.

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente’s location is nothing short of spectacular, with some of the most incredible scenery and views you will find on the entirety of the island. The sea is particularly clear here, with the Unesco World Heritage protected Posidonia; which is a seaweed known to be one of the oldest living entities on earth, which can easily be seen below the surface. Throughout Cala San Vicente, there are many restaurants and bars which are charming and quirky. You will also find a sense enchantment and wonder throughout this town, even though it is one of the smaller resorts on the island.

The clear water and the beach make it the ideal place to dive, and there are also a number of other watersports on offer.

Coast near Ibiza property for sale

San Carlos

Located on the north-east coast of the island, San Carlos is a picturesque town and is perfect for couples who want to escape the bustle on the island’s larger resorts, without feeling completely isolated.

When you approach this town, you may think it is small and sleepy, but there are, in fact, a great number of bars and restaurants and they vary in what they offer. Many of the shops and venues still maintain a ‘hippie vibe’ due to the booming scene back in the 60’s, and this makes the town an incredibly eclectic place to visit. For example, Anita’s Bar is one of the liveliest establishments to enjoy a drink in the area. On Saturdays the town hosts a local market which is very bohemian in nature and sells numerous crafts and wares.

The north side of the island is perfect if you are searching for a more relaxed break or way of living. With an abundance of things to do and great community spirit, it can be a lot more captivating than the south coast.

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