Expat couple plan where they will invest in Tuscany real estate for sale.

Inside The World of an Expatriate: Discover the Success to Living Abroad

Maybe you’ve been looking through some of our Tuscany real estate for sale and envisioned your life abroad, but you want to hear some advice from people who have gone through the process and successfully established their life in another country. In the age of technology, accessing information and conversing with people across the world, it is now easier than ever, making the research process so much more insightful and pleasurable for investors looking to relocate.

There are several websites that offer advice to first-time expats, in addition to connecting you with a community of like-minded individuals. If you’re finding yourself wanting to take the next steps into investing in international property, navigate your way to these websites to find out more about the expat life.

Telegraph – Expat life

Offering up-to-date news and views, The Telegraph Expat delivers advice from experienced expatriates, along with international property market developments, as well as health and economic news to guide you when it comes to investing in property abroad and integrating into a new culture.

Features from expats with years of experience can provide you with the answer to many questions you may have about adjusting to a new lifestyle, and the ones you never even knew you wanted answering, with insider knowledge about how to live like a local.

HSBC – Expat Explorer

A series of useful statistics and tools, commissioned by HSBC Bank, Expat Explorer gives you access to wide-reaching surveys with results based on findings from experienced expats. These relevant surveys explore important issues for international investors, such as the best places to relocate to according to your criteria (accessible from https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/survey/) and helpful tools to help you find work or navigate a new country. Additionally, Expat Explorer compiles all their findings into an engaging and useful blog.

British Expats

British Expats offers UK-native expats a community they can join through a free membership. Access countless articles and features about expat life, as well as personal blog contributions by members. Converse with the loyal expat community through an online forum, where you can ask any queries you may have about living abroad.


The Expat website is a hotspot for international expats to communicate and connect, as a membership here allows you to find expat communities based on your birth country and your desired destination, adding to a truly immersive experience. Gain access to guides, company directories and expat blogs to help you on every step of your journey.

With years of experience, our specialists help thousands of investors discover the property of their dreams and start their new international venture. If you have any questions about starting your new life abroad, our knowledgeable team are always here to assist you.

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