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Castles are often depicted on cinema screens as the homes of royalty, with princes, princesses, kings and queens living in these magical buildings. However, to buy a castle you don’t need to hold a prestigious title; there are a great variety available on the market today. Whether your preference leans towards a French Chateaux, a Czech Hrad or a classically styled Castle, we may have the property for you.

Buying a castle is more than just a house purchase; it is a lifetime investment that can open up a world of possibilities for you and your family. Whether you are intending to turn your castle into a magnificent hotel, a wedding venue, or use it as a luxurious family home, the options are endless. A castle is something that can be passed down through generations, adding to your family’s history and giving you the feeling of ‘living like a king’.

The main locations in which these magnificent historical buildings can be found include areas of France such as the Loire Valley, and the Asturias in Spain. However there are also many castles available a little further afield, including the Czech Republic, South Africa and even New York! Take a look at our castles for sale to explore the extensive variety of castles and chateaux that could be yours.

A castle and its surrounding area can offer everything you could dream of, from moats and bridges to beautifully maintained parkland and gardens; some are even equipped with their own wine production facilities and restaurants!  The number of bedrooms in a castle will vary from as low as four bedrooms, to anywhere over 100, depending on what they were originally built for.

Investing in a castle will allow you to become fully immersed in the history of your desired location, and you can discover the events that have taken place over the years. Each castle will have it’s own extensive history, whether it was the scene of battles, a home to royalty, the aristocracy, or just a quiet family home for local gentry, you will become a part of that history.

When you invest in a property that is so thoroughly steeped in history you can live your dream and be part of your own fairytale.

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