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How to Make Your Holiday Home a Profitable Venture

Have you considered turning your second home into a rental property or hotel for other visitors? If you are thinking about purchasing a luxury holiday home abroad you may have considered making this a profitable venture. However, this might change the factors of what you are looking to buy, meeting both your own needs and the needs of your visitors. There are a few things that you will want to look out for on your search, and we’ve got a short guide that should help you out:


The most vital element of picking out your dream holiday home is naturally the location. You want to pick somewhere that can meet every one of your holiday needs; from a relaxing outdoor area such as a pool, to the local facilities, transport links and, of course, the food and culture. You may well have a favourite area, somewhere that you have visited a few times before and fallen in love with. If you are passionate about the area, then probably your guests will be too. Ask yourself; do you love the area enough to keep coming back for years to come?

Type of property

There are such a wide variety of luxury properties available, from beautiful chateaux and magnificent hotels to grand apartments and castles. You’ll need to do a little research to find out which kind of property best suits your needs, as well as that of your guests. We have many properties available that have already been remodelled to form suitable guest accommodation, and others that are great projects, which, with a little TLC, could easily be transformed. Your choice will depend on how much of a challenge you wish to set yourself, amongst other factors.

Know your guests

A good place to start is thinking about all the details which you would look for if you were a guest, as well as what you are looking for as a potential home owner. Knowing your target market will also be an important factor in making the initial purchase decision. Are you planning to host families, couples or large groups? What kinds of income level will they have, and what are they travelling abroad for? Are the kind of guests you want to entertain looking for a quiet villa away from the hustle and bustle, or an apartment in the centre of the city, this should all be part of your research.

Transport links

Our final point to look out for is transport links. You will need to consider how accessible the location is, and the best ways to get there. Many people will be willing to rent a car when they holiday abroad, as this gives them the best chance to travel around and see as much as possible. If not, trains, buses and taxis in the local area should suffice, but be sure to take accessibility into account before you make your purchase.

We have properties in luxury destination all over Europe, with Majorca being particularly popular at the moment.  If you are looking for luxury property in Majorca, we might just have the perfect property for you. Your dream holiday home is out there and we’re here to help you find it.

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