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Sicily: How Owning a Holiday Home Can Improve Your Life

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Escaping your everyday life offers you more health benefits than you may realise. So, just imagine if you could escape on holiday whenever you pleased, to an area that you have fallen in love with?

If you’ve been considering getting a holiday home for a while now, but are not sure where to begin, looking at the property for sale in Sicily would be the ideal place to start because it is such a popular destination, and arguably, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Sicily offers you the best of both worlds, with its contrasting landscapes, from the snowy tops of Mount Etna to the sunny beaches around the island’s coastline. Full of character, history and beauty, Sicily can offer you unique experiences every time you visit. Coupled with a desirable warm climate, as it sits near the African coast, makes this destination so popular amongst holiday makers. It is, therefore, no surprise that a holiday to Sicily can improve your life in so many ways.

Experiencing new tastes and food can dramatically improve your diet and what better place to indulge in fantastic food offerings than Italy, renowned for its delicacies? Research from Japan found that experiencing new food from different cultures can help you meet the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to tackle diseases and maintain healthy organs. Additionally, Sicily is well known for its warmer climate, which means you will more than likely want to eat lighter and healthier meals to replenish your body.

Sicily experiences averages of 22°c in the warmer months. A lack of sunlight, most common in places like the UK, can cause people to experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a depressive condition that can make people feel low during the winter months. If you suffer from bouts of sadness during the winter, it may benefit you to escape to your holiday home in Sicily to experience some warmth and alleviate the symptoms of this condition. Research also indicates that winter can also lower the amount of Vitamin D in the bloodstream; escaping to a warmer climate can allow the level of Vitamin D to increase, helping strengthen your immune system.

Taking a break from the daily stresses of life can also be one of the main reasons to invest in a holiday home. Going on holiday can be the perfect excuse to have a lie-in and catch up on much-needed recovery sleep you may be losing out on at home. Sleep deprivation can be one of the main symptoms of stress and will lead to a decline in cognitive performance, premature ageing and illness. This is because when we are in a deep sleep our body repairs and recharges itself, allowing us to function efficiently. However, when you are stressed your body will struggle to reach to a deep sleep. If you find yourself regularly needing a break, investing in a holiday home will allow you the time to recuperate.

Sicily is the perfect place to explore with hiking up the magnificent Mount Etna and skiing back down its slopes, to the crystal blue waters and sandy beaches. Exploring a new place can bring you a new lease of life, whilst taking the opportunity to exercise, whether it be skiing, hiking or swimming, it will help you maintain a healthy body and mind. Another benefit these activities will provide you is the lasting memories with your partner, family or friends that you can recount when you return home or visualise when you are feeling stressed at work, much like the techniques used in meditation.

If you need any more reasons to invest in a property for sale in Sicily, why not look through the property portfolio on our site to see the character homes that could be yours?

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