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The best countries to live in when you retire

As retirement age approaches, the thought of living abroad can seem very appealing. With year-round sunshine, beaches and captivating views it is not surprising that many people want to spend their retirement years in a warmer, more relaxed atmosphere. So, if you’re dreaming of a never-ending holiday somewhere exotic- where should you move? With many things to take into consideration, like health care, average temperatures and way of life, we look at some of the best countries to spend your retirement years.

1. Barbados

Boasting pink sands, Barbados is a paradise for many. Nestled in the Caribbean, the easy-going life of Barbados is the ideal place to relax. Finding perfect Barbados property for sale will not be hard, with the impressive luxury homes, in amongst luscious greenery, dotted around the island. The 166 square mile island is easy to explore, with a network of roads and highways and access to public transport.

If the views were not enough to sell Barbados, then the virtually free health care, low property tax, English-speaking citizens, steady economy, fascinating geological sites, like Harrison’s cave, and a multitude of past-times that include shooting ranges, cricket, horse-back riding and diving may be features that win you over. Not to mention the average temperatures of 26°c, it is not surprising that over 27,000 Britons decide to make the move to this Caribbean haven.

2. Malta

Malta is one of the world’s smallest states, but this doesn’t make it any less popular, with a captivating mix of cultures this little gem offers you a glimpse into new worlds. Malta displays an intriguing mix of 21st-century sophistication with glimpses into its intriguing past. This Mediterranean retreat is the perfect destination for anyone who has an interest in history and mystery, with prehistoric temples, hidden coves and their fossil-encrusted cliffs to explore, whilst the friendly locals are more than eager to help you out if you lose your way.

The food is a sensational mix of cuisine, with the traditional Maltese dishes combined with Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavours mixed in for good measure; whilst the sun shines for an impressive 3,100 hours a year, with the average temperatures reaching 19°c.

3. Portugal

Portugal has been renowned for its rich tapestry of history and glorious weather, with brilliant health care, Portugal is the best destination for pensioners that want it all. Unsurprisingly, the Algarve was voted the best place for retirees this year. Sharing its time zone with the UK, you will adapt quickly to the location, whilst the warming embrace of Portugal’s locals will make you feel like you have always been living in the country.

For those who are food and wine enthusiasts, Portugal can offer you many under-rated delights. Whilst the natural beauty of dramatic cliffs, calm seas and granite peaks can make for some stunning scenery on your coastal walks. For a particularly captivating experience, head to the Parque Natural da Arrabida, where an abundance of wildlife roam the grounds and a dominating granite ridge make for some impressive views.

4. Spain

Whether you’re looking for a bustling city vibe or rolling countryside, Spain has it all. Look towards Madrid and Barcelona to experience the buzz from these enchanting cities, or head to Catalonia, Toledo and the islands that surround Spain to experience a more peaceful life.

The Spanish are passionate individuals, who live the good life, celebrating life with fine food and company. You’ll find that Spain is full of energy, with ‘fiestas’ bringing everyone together and an electric vibrancy that may stir something deep within your soul.

With many countries that can be perfect for your luxury home abroad, it’s time to do a little research with our help and settle on your dream haven.

 Image: Berit Watkin, available under creative commons.

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