you could own luxury Barbados property on the beach

Why Barbados is the perfect destination to start your own hotel

Owning a luxury hotel on a tropical island is something which would have once seemed like a dream to many entrepreneurs, but can now very much become a reality. The question is where exactly should you be looking to get started?

There is currently no better time to invest in luxury Barbados property for sale. Tourism is the biggest source of income in Barbados, so investing in a premise that is, or could be turned into, a hotel would be one of the smartest moves you could make financially. 2015 saw a record breaking year for tourism for Barbados, and there seems to be no indication that this trend will stop anytime soon. With connections to every major city in the west, through direct flights, the island is easily accessible for holiday-makers and international buyers, alike.

Peak tourism season is usually between December and April when people are seeking some winter sun. During these months, prices peak, so capitalising on this time of year would be a great way to save some money up to spend in your summer months.

Alternatively, spend your summer months expanding your hotel venture. Barbados is a popular destination for people to get married; a wedding could easily fill your rooms with the wedding party and guests. It is also a popular destination for newlyweds to visit on their honeymoon, so luxury bridal suites are a must.

Billions of dollars have been invested into the island to better facilitate tourism, with new airports being built, as well as highways and marinas. These improvements resulted in a boom in the property market during the first half of 2016. The second half of the year, however, saw the market stabilising, so it is best to act now before prices skyrocket. Despite large amounts of money being invested, the island has still been able to maintain the feeling of living the ‘village life’. Your hotel guests can get to know the neighbours, local business owners and regulars at the golf course, which will allow them to feel instantly welcomed and accepted. This relaxed way of life will be the welcome change from busy city lives that many visitors are seeking.

Security is also offered in the form of the property laws enforced in Barbados. Foreign nationals are protected by these laws – the same as those in Britain – and guaranteed the same private property rights. Therefore, your investment will always be safe under the eyes of the law.

Living in Barbados is also very appealing due to the great health care system, which can be an important factor for any older business owners looking to retire. There is also no such thing as a capital gains tax on any sale of property within Barbados, which can be a huge positive to consider when investing in overseas property.

According to recent records, the British accounted for many of the international sales of Barbados property in 2015. With year-round sun, gloriously white sands and the island’s easy living feel, it’s no surprise that the property for sale in Barbados is so appealing to many international buyers. Coupled with the current economic uncertainty of many countries in the world, such as the US and the UK, the confidence to invest in property overseas – where the market seems stable and flourishing – is an attractive offer for anyone looking to invest their money into property.

The Bajan culture boasts some quintessential English hobbies, with cricket, polo and horse racing all being popular pastimes. And as comforting as a slice of home from home may sound, the deep-rooted Afro-Caribbean traditions make a welcome change. Barbados will offer you the experience of spicy dishes, rhythmic music and, at times, when the island is not in one of its relaxing, slow-paced rhythms, a lively atmosphere from the festivals where you will sample some of the best rum in the world.

When you are not indulging in the culture, there is a surprising amount of entertainment available for residents and visitors of the island, with shopping, auto racing and performance arts to enjoy. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you and your hotel guests can even enjoy a bit of surfing, with one of the world’s most famous reef breaks, the ‘Soup Bowl’. However, this should only be attempted by surfers who have had some experience, as the waves can get quite high and powerful! But with numerous bays around the island, you could try your hand at learning to surf when you are not tending to your hotel, or even take your adventure under the water and snorkel or dive to discover a completely different world.

With so many reasons why starting a hotel in Barbados will be a great venture for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find the perfect property.

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