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A Guide to Moving to and Living in Venice

For most people, Venice is perceived as the greatest city shortbreak in Europe. However, some people are so taken with it, that they decide to move there. Here’s a little guide for moving to Venice.

Italians are very warm and welcoming people, who just love to relax, socialise and celebrate. This celebration and relaxation usually take place around a table, either at home or in a restaurant, where the Italian cuisine is enjoyed greatly.

Venice is often referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ and when you first approach this city, it is easy to see why. Built on 117 tiny islands, a maze of narrow streets, canals and bridges link are the city’s magnificent Renaissance architecture and elegant piazzas.

Venice’s beauty is no secret as over 50,000 tourists descend on the city every day in the summer, however you can always buy your own slice of heaven in this stunning city.

We have created this guide to help anyone making a move of a lifetime to Venice.

Moving to Venice

EU citizens do not require a visa to gain entry to Italy, but those intending to live there for longer than three months must register with the local authority to be issued with a certificate of registration.

Property prices are more expensive in Venice compared with other Italian cities but are still cheaper than equivalent properties in the UK. Trying to find the perfect property can also be more complicated, as many properties are advertised locally rather than online. However, we have a beautiful range of luxury properties in Venice on our website.

Venice vs London

There is a scenic area of London which is home to pretty houseboats and canals and has been subsequently nicknamed ‘Little Venice’ by locals. However, when comparing London to Venice this is where the similarities end.

Venice enjoys a considerably better climate than London, with an average temperature of 27°C in August compared to 23°C in London. The humidity is often tempered by a warm sea breeze, and you can escape the crowds for a spot of sunbathing on the lido or the finger of the beach which separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.

If you are used to busy roads and traffic jams it will come as a pleasant change as in Venice you will have to travel by boat or foot. With a population of 270,000, Venice is tiny in comparison to London, and as a result offers a very relaxed atmosphere.


The historical centre (centro storico) comprises of six districts (sestieri), the Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, Dorsoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce. There are also many other small islands in the lagoon that are always part of the city as well as the boroughs of Mestre-Carpenedo, Marghera, Chirignago-Zelarino and Favaro-Veneto on the mainland (Terraferma).

If you are looking for somewhere family friendly, La Guidecca is located just south of central Venice. It is a quieter, less-commercial area which offers an escape from the tourist crowds. There are many open spaces, playgrounds and swimming pools.

Looking for a touch of luxury? The area around the Grand Canal has palazzos and five-star hotels and is the most exclusive area in Venice, particularly between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge.

Campo Santa Margherita in Dorsoduro is where you find the trendy side of Venice. Located near the Ca’ Foscari University it has bars that stay open until late. Dorsoduro is also the favourite sestiere of British and American buyers.

A day in the life

Nothing sounds more magical than travelling on a boat, where you are constantly surrounded by breath-taking architecture and art. A day in Venice is a world away from anything else. After a busy day, you will find the freshest ingredients for dinner at the Rialto market or head for an aperitivo in the elegant bars at the foot of the Rialto Bridge. No matter where you are in Venice, the sparkling canals will be a stone’s throw away, as well as fine food and a glass of your favourite wine.

If you have been waiting for a time to relax, now is the time to start looking at investing in a property in this beautiful city. The Italian way of life has always been desired by many and Venice is the perfect example of this.

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