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Reference 236192

Project 3 bedroom Farmhouse for sale with countryside view in Volterra, Tuscany

370,000 EUR
318,200 GBP 395,900 USD
Surrounded by 3.5 acres of glorious land is this charming 3 bedroom house with outbuildings, enjoying wonderful countryside views from its peaceful location in the heart of Tuscany, just 10 minutes from Volterra.

Situated 20 minutes from San Gimignano, the main building of 180m2 is spread over 2 floors, with the verified possibility of extension of about 60m2 plus any pergolas and canopies.

Currently ther is an entrance/hallway, kitchen with independent access, another hallway, storage room under the stairs, living room, study and bathroom, on the ground floor.

On the first floor is a hallway, three bedrooms, two of which with access to the exclusive terrace, wardrobe and bathroom.

Furthermore, on the ground floor there is a warehouse consisting of two communicating rooms, each with independent access from the courtyard. In the secondary building of about 46m2 (with the possibility of extending it by 30m2) is an oven with a hallway in front of it, a garage with access from the exclusive courtyard and consisting of a single room, and a former pigsty with an open area in front of it.

The farm is in good structural condition, but in need of a complete renovation. In the event of demolition and reconstruction it is possible to create a basement of approximately 50 m2 for the main building and
13 m2 for the secondary building.

It is possible to build a swimming pool up to 100 m2 with stunning views over the beautiful and unspoilt valley.

The farm is not isolated, while maintaining its privacy and has easy access from the SS68. The ideal place for those who want to enjoy the most authentic Tuscany in a logistically privileged position by creating a single house or two independent apartments plus an annex.

Given the convenient location to all the most beautiful cities in Tuscany it could be the ideal location for a B & B or a holiday home.


Price370,000 EUR
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Floor Space in Metres Squared
Floor Space
Land Size in Metres Squared
Land Area
1.4 Ha


Where is this property?

This Farmhouse is located in Volterra in Italy

For security, the map shows the nearest town or village. Please get in touch for full details.

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