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5 bedroom Villa for sale with sea and panoramic views in Argentario, Tuscany
Ref 177316
On the beautiful Monte Argentario this luxury Tuscan villa comes with spectacular panoramic views across the sea to the coastline opposite. The property comes with huge terraces and is immersed in...
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6 bedroom Villa for sale with sea view in Monte Argentario, Tuscany
Ref 185590
This superb luxury villa is located in a breathtaking position with magnificent sea views and direct access to the sea. As any further construction on the island was banned in the 1980's there are...
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Stunning 20 bedroom Villa for sale with sea view in Cala Moresca, Argentario, Tuscany
Ref 201541
This stunning villa is set in the most spectacular elevated position in Cala Moresca on the exclusive Monte Argentario and comes with a charming 40 m2 outbuilding. The property stands on 1.5 hecta...
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Area Guide

Find yourself in a tranquil haven with blue waters in one of the many stunning coves Monte Argentario offers, or ascend this unspoiled island to its zenith to experience its panoramic views and even play 18 holes of golf; relax on one of Orbetello’s beautiful beaches, venture through the nature reserves or explore its rich history.

Set in a stunning position in south Tuscany, Orbetello and Argentario are unique. Orbetello lies on a thin strip in the centre of a lagoon, part of a protected nature reserve, making it one of the most pristine areas of natural beauty in Tuscany. Argentario sits as a peninsula, connected to Orbetello by an artificial dam, and connected to the mainland by two spits of land, which shape and preserve the lagoon in which Orbetello shines. An investment in Orbetello or Argentario property for sale would provide a truly unique and unforgettable lifestyle.

The town of Orbetello traces its lineage to as far as back as the Etruscans in the 8th century BC, and traverses through the Romans, the Republic of Siena, the State of Royal Garrisons of Spain, Austrians and finally, in 1815, came under the rule of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Monuments and museums concerning all these eras are found within the charming town; most worthwhile would be the 5th century Etruscan walls, the Spanish Palace del Podesta and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which was built on the ruins of a 5th century temple dedicated to Jupiter- this stunning Tuscan-Gothic feat of architecture also houses notable 15th century frescoes. The town became a prosperous and busy trading centre due to its position on the coast and safe harbours, and this provided a foundation for the town’s modern day prosperity and sparkle. However Orbetello’s allure doesn’t simply lie in its rich heritage.

Orbetello property offers the opportunity to wander along the town’s narrow streets and squares, packed with bars and restaurants offering a plethora of options to enjoy a lovely meal; so if your legs tire from exploring the town’s history, recline in the town centre which is free from cars, and watch the world pass by with a glass of wine and some of the local delicacies. The area specialises in fish thanks to the abundance of the lagoons- Sea bass, eels, Grey Mullet and Oysters are fished daily and produce tasty authentic dishes. Fresh vegetables and meat is also served in typical Tuscan style, and the prestigious wines of Tuscany, both white and red, complete a harmonious meal.

Orbetello’s unique position must not be underestimated. The two quiet lagoons are enclosed by two strips of land called the Feniglia and Gianella tombolos, providing miles of enchanting beaches. Orbetello property can be found within easy reach. The inland sea provides 1500 hectares of reclaimed marshland, and the lagoon and its surroundings offer great ecological diversity, administered by the World Wildlife Fund. Venture through a sanctuary of unspoiled nature, or cycle, trek or ride around the countryside in a guided tour or solo. Boat trips around the stunning littoral or to the beautiful Tuscan islands is also possible. Any admirer of nature or outdoor pursuits is sure to find Orbetello property for sale a wise investment.

So it is not simply the town itself which gives Orbetello its attractive lifestyle. It is when you lift your eyes out of the town and take in the landscape in its entirety- the small rustic windmill sitting in the blue lagoon, the stretches of beautiful sandy beaches offering active and passive pleasures, the peninsula of Monte Argentario protruding out of the water to add to the natural beauty- Orbetello and Argentario stand out as the shining jewels in the an already gleaming area.

Argentario, just like its neighbour Orbetello, is a remarkable unspoilt coastal region. With only two main towns on the peninsula, Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, the area is predominantly untouched.

Travelling around the edges of the promontory, you meander and wind along a pristine coast, wrapped in pleasing Mediterranean flora- wild olives and figs, lavender, myrtle and untouched herbs. The vistas are stunning, especially if you decide to climb Monte Argentario to its peak. The most captivating journeys can be experienced at dawn or dusk, where the sun seems to create a breath-taking vermillion sky. Walking, hiking, cycling or driving, Argentario provides aesthetic pleasure. The peninsula also hosts a mesmerising 18-hole golf course: with exhilarating views of Orbetello and the lagoons, the rolling slopes of Maremma in the back ground, and sits as a cultivated oasis in an authentic Mediterranean terrain.

Its coastline hosts numerous little coves, many inaccessible by road. This small pockets of clear water away from human life provide a perfect place to relax, boasting exclusivity and tranquillity. These are best explored by boat which can be hired in Porto Ercole or Santo Stefano. There is also a choice of using a ferry from Santo Stefano which traverses the littoral, providing fantastic views and stopping off at charming fishing villages, coves and caves.

It also possesses a vibrant but also more belligerent history, which is evident from the towers that dot the coastline. In Porto Ercole the fortresses of Filippo, Stella and Santa Carolina (remnants of its 16th century Spanish domination) loom over the picturesque settlement, providing a juxtaposition to a harbour now associated with tranquillity and pleasure. Nowadays, the ports of Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are bustling harbours with wonderful seafronts. Wander the small towns’ picturesque and historic streets; laze away in one of many superb restaurants and taste the local seafood, admire the luxurious yachts and boats role in and out of the marina- it can’t help but resemble a more tranquil Monaco. These enchanting natural harbours, suited perfectly for seaside relaxation provide a lovely lifestyle.

Argentario Property

Since the 1970s, there have been strict planning laws in place to preserve the area’s natural beauty, so Argentario property for sale provides the proprietor with exclusivity, relaxation and a guarantee of pleasure.

In a southern area of Tuscany, the unique areas of Argentario and Orbetello are found. 45km from the Grossetto Airport and a 90 minute drive from Rome, Orbetello and Argentario are ecologically and historically blessed areas. The human settlements only further enhance the area, providing more enjoyable pursuits and possibilities. A fantastic lifestyle in a remarkable area is possible for those who purchase a Orbetello or Argentario property for sale.

Buying Real Estate in Italy

1. Making the Offer to Purchase (Offerta)

Once you have found the property you wish to purchase you will start the process by making a formal offer to the vendor, the estate agent will act on your behalf and put forward the offer, a deposit will be made available, generally around (10,000 - 20,000 EUR). Once the vendor has accepted the offer it will be formalised in writing to the vendor in both English and Italian. If this is accepted the deposit (Caparra Confirmatoria) will be paid to the vendor. This will form a legally binding contract. Neither party may withdraw at this point, the sale can be forced by either party or a claim for damages can be made. If the purchaser withdraws their deposit will be lost, if the vendor withdraws the purchaser can claim twice the deposit in compensation.

2. Signing the Preliminary Contract (Compromesso or Contratto preliminare)

The next step will take place between 1 and 3 months after the offer has been accepted, this is a formal agreement between the vendor and purchaser to sell and buy the property, this agreement is the Preliminary Contract and will contain the conditions and terms of the sale. It is important at this stage that you have a full understanding of all the details contained in the contract. We would strongly recommend that you appoint a Notary who is fluent in English. This document will include the purchase price, a detailed description of the property including completion date and will cover any obligations placed upon the buyer and the vendor. All information relating to the property including any planning permissions for the property and the cadastral details (a public record, survey, or map of the value, extent, and ownership of land as a basis of taxation). Once the Preliminary Contract (Contratto preliminare) has been signed a further deposit (Caparra Confirmatoria) will be paid, this will generally be 10% - 20% of the purchase price. There will also be an estate agents Commission Fee (Provvigione) which will need to be paid at this point.

3. Signing the Final Deed of Sale (Rogito or Atto Notarile)

The purchaser must have a bank account in order to make the purchase on completion. The signing of the final deed of sale which will authorise the transfer of the property must be overseen by a Notary (Notaio). The buyer will select and hire the Notary, but they are members of an independent body of public/professionals who will draft the purchase deed, they will oversee the passing of the title legally from the vendor to the purchaser. The Notary will also verify the legality of the documentation and registration with the Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari and the Local Land Register.

4. Formalities to be observed after Completion

Foreign buyers should obtain a certified copy of the Purchase Deed (Rogito), which the Notary will have lodged with the authorities. Generally this will be available to collect around 2 – 3 weeks after completion. The Notary will also give you a form to complete for the the local authority (Questura) who will have been given formal notice of the purchase. Your Notary will help you to complete this form. You will need to contact the utilities companies to set up new contracts (power, water, telephone, gas etc.). If the property is a flat, the condominium manager (Amministratore del condominio) should be informed of change of ownership of the property.

IMPORTANT - Disclaimer : All information provided is believed to be current and provided free of charge. No liability can be accepted for the reliability of the information and statements made as this is obtained from 3rd parties. We always recommend you take legal advice from a fully qualified Lawyer or Notary before buying a property overseas.

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